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Reptilia Host v0.0.1 Release

HomepageNews from UsReptilia Host v0.0.1 Release

We have released Reptilia Host v0.0.1, this update is packed with new features, new services, and bug fixes. The following changes have been made.

  • New Free Hosting Packages.
    • Free website and reseller hosting.
    • Free Blesta licence with every free reseller account.
  • New Services Area.
    • Links to important services and features.
  • New Remote Assist Service.
    • Troubleshooting is not limited to our servers or websites. Sometimes this can be an issue with your ISP, browser or computer. This will help us to troubleshoot from your end without having to post long complicated instructions and cutting down on time it takes to find the fault or issue.
  • New Community Section.
    • This is to help the clients of Reptilia Host connect, share, peer to peer support and more. 

Please note issues with the website is not dealt with on-site please visit our non-technical support here https://www.reptiliahostnetwork.org/wbb/board/16-website-support/. Please note if not registered you will need to, to access support.

For more details on our next release, ideas, and bugs please visit our developer section for Reptilia Host here https://www.reptiliahostnetwork.org/wbb/board/32-reptilia-host-sister-company/.